Yes, it is the craze! And now inland on Absecon Creek. You may bring your own Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) or NaPali SUP are available for class participants. A very specific board, manufactured by Airhead. This inflatable SUP measures 10 ft. 6 in. and is the best quality. The extra rugged drop stitch construction allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. It will perform like a fiberglass board for our fitness specific exercises and is a much softer cushion for the practice of yoga. Challenge your center core strength, balance and practice during your workout on a stand-up paddleboard – all while enjoying the natural splendor of floating on water taking in and admiring the historical and picturesque back bay. Our additional location is on Lakes Bay West Atlantic City behind the Comfort Inn.

  • SUP FITNESS: An Intense High Performance Work Out
  • SUP YOGA: For the Experienced Yogi ~ Sequence, Flow and Postures
  • SUP LESSONS: Introduction to the Paddleboard and proper technique demonstration followed by a tour and Fun to be had!
  • SUP LESSON/YOGA COMBO: Introduction to both the SUP and Yoga Sequence, Flow and Postures. You will be certain to advance after this class. Please take a look at our schedule for more details and to reserve your board and/or spot today!

Check out our new introductory rates:


10 SESSIONS: $135.00
Each SUP Rental w/ above package: $1.50

***Groups of two or more, select your date~time~location.


ci7079 Black Horse Pike
151151 Absecon Creek

wonderbar_sm 3701 Sunset Ave, Atlantic City

 Class Reservations

Drop ins are welcome!Board Rentals are limited & class size minimum restrictions apply.  PLEASE UTILIZE WEBSITE SCHEDULE TO RESERVE.

 Age Requirement

Sup is available to children age 12 and up with signature of parent, guardian, temporary guardian with legal responsibility of minor for release of liability and assumption of risk agreement.

 Weather Policy

Safety is our number one priority. If there is inclement weather such as overly strong current, severe rain or thunderstorms MTW has the right to cancel sessions for bad conditions. And of course so do you. A rain check will be issued.

 Damaged Equipment

We do not charge for minor scratches on boards but do charge for punctures that penetrate through the board, broken fins, broken fin boxes, broken, chipped or lost paddles and broken boards. So treat our boards with care and you’ll have no worry. These boards are the best money can buy and very well constructed.